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Inspirational photo by: Walter Ciceri

And Supporters

All this had been possible thanks to the cooperation of the supporters and Technical Partners.

Tutto ciò è stato possibile grazie alla Azziende Supporter e dei Partner Tecnici.

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Mansutti S.p.A. Assuring the Future since 1925 Trdizione e Innovazione
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Spazio Tadini Casa Museo e Archivio Emilio Tadini
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BETTE GmbH High-quality bathroom products made of glazed titanium steel
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PIC Picture In Circuit Expert in exhibition of photographs
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TAConline Press Office, Social Network, Digital PR - Programmazione editoriale.
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New Old Camera Expert in supply of cameras and service
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MAX marketing Expert in the organization of prize competitions
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CARIMALI Sensory experience in the water_space

Other sponsors pending approval.
Altri sponsor in corso di approvazione.

Contact us at or give us a call +39 3381319208

The first event with eXtended visibility and managed in "eXtreme planning"

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